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Hey it's Me

Who Am I?

Hey Bakar here! I was born and raised in Pakistan, but currently in Istanbul till 2019. I am Budding Java EE Developer as working on Software Development specifically with Spring(MVC/Security/Data) but these days I’m learning my ropes around the Enterprise Javaverse!

What do I do?

Currently I’m working as a Assistant Software Developer at etcBase in Istanbul, Turkey. I still have to complete my final year of studies as I am a Computer Science Student studying at NUCES after finishing my little one year venture in Istanbul.

What do I like?

Recently I’ve started to interact with multiple Open Source Projects and I must say I love it. I’m also quite fond of travelling and doing some amateur photography on my weekend strolls or day-to-day commuting(Hoping to share some photos soon) plus I’ve grown quite fond of retro-technology from the 80’s & 90’s, those are some interesting marvels of early computer engineering! Apart from that I consider myself a student of the stoic branch of philosophy as I read the works of Seneca, Epictetus and Marcus Aurelius in order to find the meaning of our Existence or if there is any!?

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Contact me

Email: theawesomekhan@gmail.com

LinkedIn: AbuBakar Khan