Hello World: My Introduction to Blogging


“Hello World”, this wonderful string that we have all printed when learning our first programming language.
This blog post will serve the same purpose as the “Hello World” string; that is indicating the start of something fresh. After years of voraciously reading blogs
like Medium, Dev Community, SimpleProgrammer and other fantastic blogs,blogging platforms and authors. I’ve finally decided to start a blog for myself where I can start writing and give back to the world along with polishing my writing skills :)

Reasons for Starting this Journal/Blog

“Necessity is the mother of invention” Is Proverb which fits why this blog started in the first place; I started my internship in Istanbul at a wonderful company called etcBase and where I currently am working! I had to needed to document my work,give back to the community and have my little space on the web; A Blog fulfilled all of these reasons as I state:

1. Documentation

In the first four months of my internships, I had been learning in override mode while working with a plethora of tools! After all I was solving problems which were unique; problems which did not have a ready-made solution as compared in academia where one can find solutions at the end of the book(or in a solution’s manual).
So in this situation I had to collaborate with developers specially when using Open Source projects, along with that searching the web far and wide for resources regarding “how to do X thing in Y technology”, plus reading documentations of those products in order to solve specific bugs or implement features. Thus this enabled me to solve problems which in their sense were unique.
After sometime I found myself stumped when a fellow colleague at work ask me “How did you mitigate that X problem?”; that is when I thought that I should start documenting my work in place. Eventually I intend that this blog apart from my personal musings will serve as a sort of Development Journal.

2. Giving Back to the Community

As mentioned above I found all these solution through collectively searching through blogs, stack-overflow questions and documentation. So I felt I should I also contribute my solutions and apart from helping me in my own documentation if someone in the world of computing has similar problems, maybe my writing will help them. Thus it felt as I had to give back
to the community, just as I took from them collectively and in a constructive manner.

3. Having My Own Creative Corner on the Web

To be honest having a blog is pretty cool! I can show it off to my friends, family and it can help me with my future career ventures. Thus it gives me my own personal space on the web where I can propagate my thoughts and writings; I’d say that is pretty powerful if you think about it from this aspect!

The Road Ahead

Thus in the next couple of months, I’ll keep updating the blogs with pictures, quotes, how-to’s and rambled writings. Apart from that I’d like to Thank Github from providing GitHub-Pages where one can easily host their site for free and Jekyll for providing such a fantastic way to create wonderful websites generated dynamically! If anyone wants to create their blog like I did from today, I’d suggest reading Barry Clarke’s guide on Build A Blog With Jekyll And GitHub Pages

- Bakar