GrayLog: Installing GrayLog on Docker

What is GrayLog!?

Graylog is a powerful platform that allows for easy log management of both structured and unstructured data along with debugging applications. It is based on Elasticsearch, MongoDB, and Scala. Graylog has a main server, which receives data from its clients installed on different servers, and a web interface, which visualizes the data and allows to work with logs aggregated by the main server.

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Hello World: My Introduction to Blogging


“Hello World”, this wonderful string that we have all printed when learning our first programming language.
This blog post will serve the same purpose as the “Hello World” string; that is indicating the start of something fresh. After years of voraciously reading blogs
like Medium, Dev Community, SimpleProgrammer and other fantastic blogs,blogging platforms and authors. I’ve finally decided to start a blog for myself where I can start writing and give back to the world along with polishing my writing skills :)

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